Ylka Tapia Malalua

Last update: 15/07/2021

Welcome! My name is Ylka Tapia also known on the Internet as Malalua, and I am passionate about Audiovisual Communication and Research Journalism, now happily immersed in the challenging Digital Animation Industry aimed at kids, working as an Acquisitions and Partnership Manager at El Reino Infantil Multichannel Network.

∴ Skilled in Audiovisual Communication, live-action production, and Digital Marketing; and over the past five years, I have been specializing in 2D/3D Animation, focused on Executive Production.

∴ Interpersonal and Communication Skills are some of my strengths, and I love teaming up with my colleagues.

∴ Outside work, my passions are traveling, sports, and nature. Sometimes, I paint with acrylic and write for some magazines.

Please, email me at ylka.tapia@puro.studio 😉

Acquisitions & Partnership Manager